Anyone who has an iOS device with little
storage capacity, it is excited about opportunities to outsource data or to
import externally. Exactly which allows the card reader with Lightning
interface, introduced the Adata. Unlike Apple's device, it also has a writing
Adata Lighting Bi-Directional Card Reader for iPhones
The "Adata Lightning Card Reader"
is a solution that not only read with users of iOS devices SD Card and MicroSD
cards without an adapter but with the app the manufacturer can describe. That
compared with Apple's device a huge advantage: Thus, data can be shifted from
the iOS device on memory cards and create space.
Users who own an iPhone with just 16 GB
capacity are likely to know, such a possibility to appreciate. An external
power supply is not required, so that the outsourcing of the data is on the
move possible.
In addition, as natural pictures and videos
transferred directly to your iOS device from camera, further processed there
and sent. In addition, the app offers functions to reproduce images, music and
directly from the memory card. The SD and microSD card have become very
low, the user can perform such a small space, for example, extensive movie and
music library with them. The Lightning Card Reader ADATA is 65 euros but
comparatively expensive. For that he will support cards with capacities up to
256 GB and comes with SDHC, SDXC and microSD formats and microSDXC clear.


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