The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer introduced
The Liquid Jade Primo own high-end
smartphone with Windows 10 OS, and will
be available in early 2016 in Europe and 599 euros cost. Now are the first
concrete details on pricing for the supporting Continuum front equipped
5.5-inch model – cheap yet it is not, unfortunately. That said Alessandro De
Lio, Product Business Unit Manager at Acer in Italy. The figure refers,
strictly speaking, on the Italian market, but should thus probably valid for
the entire EU. The smartphone will be available on our market at the beginning of 2016, tentatively in the
first quarter, the price of 599 Euros.
If it seems too expensive, you think bundled receive a free dock, for fast charging
and for connecting the second screen, keyboard
and mouse.
In short, everything you need to start working and use the app
universal in PC mode.
Acer Liquid Jade Primo

It also known as the ‘Pocket PC’ advertised
Windows 10 Phone from Acer applies with its quite high quality facilities and
the support of the Continuum features as an alternative to Lumia 950. The hope
that this alternative significantly more favorable than Microsoft’s new
flagship seems but to smash. With each new message the alleged RRP Acer Jade
Primo was a bit higher and is now set exactly at the level of the Lumia 950.
Within a frame of black polycarbonate with
metallic finish, often 8.4 mm in 150 grams of weight, Acer Jade Prime
integrates a processor Qualcomm
Snapdragon 808
, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage expandable with microSD card slot, display AMOLED 5.5 inch Full HD with Gorilla Glass 3, camera 21 megapixel (rear) with dual LED flash and 8 megapixel (front),
both with f2.2 aperture. There’s also a dual
SIM card
slots, one of which is compatible with microSD. You can connect it to the cradle or through a
cable USB Type-C or via wireless,
using it as a trackpad to handle the
pointer on (already equipped with a wireless adapter). The no-wire connection
is not exclusive Acer, but is a feature of using natively supported by Windows 10 Mobile and all enabled devices Continuum, then we meet
again on other terminals with Windows 10 (including the Lumia). Take a look at
the video (above), to get an idea on the operation, as simple as it
intuitively. We will be back to talk about it during the first pre-sales.

In direct comparison, the Jade Primo is so
not a bad deal. The hope for a really cheap entry into Continuum, so the use of
Windows 10 phones as “PC for your pocket” seems but to smash. In my
opinion, Acer missed a great opportunity here, its Windows Mobile flagship
position 10 by an aggressive pricing policy, as a real alternative to the Lumia


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