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Lablance.com is established in October 2014, and here we cover local and international press release specially related to digital market and events. Dharmendra Bhammu is owner and author of lablance.com and have editors team to keep lablance.com upto date. Lablance.com fulfills all technical requirements related to Google news guideline. We maintain the site up publish news content regularly.

At Lablance, we cover local and international press release specially related to digital market, latest news, technology, gadget news and events happens inside and outside tech world

We at LabLance Media deal to unveil the stories and information that are normally hideous in the digital world, smartphone, tablets, laptops, phablates, digital watches, gadget and technical world and beyond the reach of a common man.

LabLance.com is an online indian news portal focused on latest and breaking. We at LabLance.com confront you with the hot shots, merits, demerit of the latest gadgets, smartphone, tablets, laptops, phablates, digital watches emerging in the market and their stand. We put in efforts to trendy our readers with the latest happenings hitting the world to keep them well updated.

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