you’re reading this article it is that you are interested in the field of
blogging, social media, online marketing, etc. It is also likely to have a
blog. Well, to have a blog is to be attentive to a thousand things but above
all you have to watch the content you post. You probably already know that you
have to write at least 600 to 700 words per entry of your blog if you want to
make Google stop on your web site and give you some relevance.
you’re also aware of the importance of accompanying texts with images and if
you can with interesting infographics that summarize the information they give.
Now there are many other facts that you should consider if you want to succeed
with your blog. Today I’m going to list five of them that despite apparently
are not so basic. If you apply you will have more chance that your articles
5 Key Facts To Go Viral Your Content

With The Reader

most interesting advice or key fact that I can give you, it is proven that when
you use the second person in an item and also the pronoun you, your article
tends to be shared in a much higher percentage of avalanches or if you dialogue
with the reader. This fact closes enough to help readers empathize with you.
Social networks have made ​​the distances are broken and that users want to know
who publishes an article or blog entry. So do not hide, dialogue with your
readers and treat them on equal terms. This will give you facts and get your
articles succeed.

and Original Contents

is imperative, We have discussed above but if you write your blog entries in
your articles and are looking to be successful you have to work hard. You have
to put the batteries and provide original and quality content. You have to keep
in mind that Google and Facebook have algorithms that look for quality items
and inputs and that this quality often go hand in hand with the extension of
entry. Do not worth an article of 250 words. And besides, I assure you that the
readers would happen the same. They prefer long to short and too concise
entries. You have to devote time to this work to develop content and do it with
his head.

and Numbers

you browse the Internet regularly between blog posts and publications you cannot
deny that when you see a headline where the 10 best hotels in the world are
listed, catch your eye. And it is a proven fact that listings with a closed
number of facts attract much attention from readers. Moreover, there have been
many studies and most agree that users choose 40% headlines numbering about
those holders who have not. It is difficult to incorporate numbered lists your
tickets but if you want your items to be successful and improve the virality of
your tickets, put numbering.

or Intrigue The Reader From The Frame

have to earn the reader from the start and for that we have a very useful tool
is the owner of our input and our article. Holders are not necessarily be very
short but what cannot be too long. They should have a positive halo that
encourages readers to want to read your article or should have a mysterious
halo that piques the curiosity of those readers hungry for information to want
to read your article completely. Always discard negativity.


last fact is pretty obvious but I always recommend you to accompany your
entries in a computer graphics. Aside from being fashionable, give you much in
social networks (especially Pinterest!)  for
users to share content, Google and company reward enough incorporating images
to blog posts to position when and if infographics I assure you even more. It
is more work, but the results will be better.

these key facts you get your articles succeed and this way you can improve the
position of your blog.


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