One of the great innovations of the 2016
version is better integration with Microsoft Azure cloud services platform from
Microsoft, with it you will have more speed in management roles and access
permissions to employees. The Microsoft Identity Manager is a mainstay of
Microsoft’s enterprise mobility suite that facilitates the management staff of
a company. Microsoft Identity Manager has a version of 180-day tests. Here are
five advantages of using it.
Microsoft Identity Manager

An Identity For Various Products

With Identity Manager, each employee can have
a single identity for all company applications. The network administrator can
specify through a panel which applications the employee will have access or
The 2016 version is already prepared to use
Active Directory Microsoft Azure, which allows the account to be used only in
the company, with devices that have access to Azure product or a hybrid

Self-Service Functions

Microsoft Identity Manager user does not need
to be dependent on the company’s IT industry to do basic functions like create
working groups or to join them.
The platform also allows it to get a new
password or unlock account for himself. For this it offers different
authentication formats, such as Multi-Factor Authentication Azure (MFA), phone
call, SMS or temporary passwords.

Improvements To The Privileged Access
Management (PAM)

One of the tools that allows the operation of
self-service functions is the PAM, or Privileged Access Management. The system
that controls access identities administrators or employees with privileged
access. The service now has with simplified panels that will expedite
applications for access, extension of time periods or managing employees.
Inside it is possible to define automation or
not requests for privileges, monitoring threats, the lifecycle of
authentication services as well as multiple authentication factors.

Ready For The Cloud

Many of the new features of Microsoft
Identity Manager are already interconnected with systems like Active Directory
Microsoft Azure. In addition to the hybrid identity for employees, the platform
now offers a hybrid reporting tool – for services “on-premises” and
Azure services – as well as better synchronization support the connection
between the site and the Azure Active Directory.

Fully Backward Compatible

If by chance you already use Forefront
Identity Manager 2010 R2 in your company, Microsoft identity Manager 2016 has
all the functions of its predecessor and is backward compatible. Ie the process
of upgrading to the new version will present virtually.


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