Now there are new reports that Apple wants to
meet these customer and soon bring out a more manageable iPhone with 4-inchdisplay. Corresponding rumors circulating for a long time, but by a recent
analysis of the GHI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo adopt quite specific
4 inches Smartphone Trend
The new model, which could come as iPhone 6c
on the market should have the new A9 processor that is also used in iPhone 6s
used. The camera should be based on the iPhone 5s, the housing is supposedly
made of aluminum, with different color options. Of course, the iPhone 6c would
also cheaper than the premium models 6s and 6 plus, concrete (+ tax) will be a
price of 400-500 dollars called.

Interestingly, it also means that Apple
deviate from its usual release cycle and the iPhone 6c may release early 2016,
perhaps even wants to bring back in February, on the market.

Lumia Series Follows The Wrong Trend?

The analyst expects that such a 4-inch model
in the coming year could account for about 8-9% of all iPhone sales. A proper
bet trend towards smaller smartphones would not mean, of course. Nevertheless
could be a 4-inch iPhone other manufacturers - including Microsoft - caught on
the wrong foot.
After all, the Lumia series follows for a
while the trend toward larger displays. At current flagship Lumia 950 even the
smaller model has 5.2-inch screen. Even at the entry level of the standard
recently stood at 5 inches (Lumia 535, Lumia 640) - even if the new Lumia 550
again takes a step back to 4.7 inches. Those looking for a 4-inch Lumia is only
in absolute low-end find it (Lumia 435/532), but the Budget Phone also does not
really fit in your shirt pocket.
Perhaps the handiest Windows Phone - at least
relative to the screen size - for me is currently the Lumia 730/735. Whether
the design line in the tradition of Lumias 800, 900, 920 continues, but is
highly questionable.


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